Life of A College PotHead(;

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ My name is Sunnayna(: Im pretty easy to get along with. Im not perfect and i don't try to be perfect i just be myself. I post what i want when i can. i im only one person of so much yet to achieve.. I live by philosophy.. and i love photography.. Im artistic in many ways you wish to perceive. im one of those people you only meet once..The name kind of speaks for itself doesnt it?..<3(: Im really fun and crazy haha(; The World is a beautiful place you just have to open your eyes and see is beauty. Aside from all the violence of war and money there is nature and if you succumb to that there will be peace within yourself and the surroundings in which you inhabit. I Post whatever Amuses me(: Twitter:SunshineSmiles_

I Will answer Just about anything./Archive/RSS/3000